Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our students a space to explore and be curious with nature. We can utilize our garden space and continue to connect our common core curriculum to the natural world. Please consider getting involved even if only slightly interested.  We might also qualify for a $1000 dollar grant to support a project for our garden (raised beds, composting system, classroom seed starting kits, etc). In order to apply for this grant, we need to have a group who is interested in our garden. Please click "Get Involved" if you want to collaborate and integrate plant life and studies to into our children’s’ classrooms!

Meet the Team

There are a wide variety of commitment levels and skills needed so please contact us by clicking "Get Involved" on the left to get started!


Justina Meyer

Garden Coordinator


Sarah Russman

Master Gardener


Jennifer Lill

Digital Coordinator

Ready to Get Started!

Do you have any special skills or interest in getting involved in our community garden? Just want to lend a hand? Perfect! Click the button and start getting involved today!