How Can I Get Involved

It's super easy to get started helping out with the Pittsfield Elementary School Garden. Simply contact us by clicking the "Get Involved" button below!

What Do We Need?

We could use your help in a number of ways from planting, weeding, building garden beds to helping the kids get their hands dirty. You tell us what you are interested in and we'll get to work!

Get The Word Out

We need as many helping hearts and hands as we can get. Please spread the word about all the great work we are doing in our little garden!

Here you will see the current map for the garden. We a several beds that are available for planting. The current plan is to start with a few beds of cold-weather friendly vegetables such as lettuce and snow peas. We will be working with several organizations to receive compost and seedlings.

If you have any thoughts of what we should plant or  ideas on how to incorporate the kids and classrooms we'd love to hear from you!

Want to Get Involved?

We'd love to have you join us in making Pittsfield Elementary's Garden grow! Please let us know if you want to collaborate and integrate plant life and studies to into our children’s’ classrooms!